He Yong Gan Cup

The He Yong Gan Cup 2023, 8 juli 2023.

Was A big succes with more then 100 athletes! Teams from France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and even China!

Not just a local tournament but a tournament with athletes from all over.

Sanda? Wushu? Push Hands? Tai Chi?

Well of course! See you next year.

See the video below to look back at this wonderfull event.


The He Yong Gan Cup is a traditional Chinese Martial Arts tournament, organized in Apeldoorn at July 8, 2023. The He Yong Gan Cup is organized under auspices of the FOG and STN.

Federatie Oosterse Gevechtskunsten

The tournament will be held at:

Sporthal Matenpark
Heemradenlaan 130
7329BZ Apeldoorn
The Netherlands

Look here for more information about the location.

The tournament will consist of the competition in the following traditional Chinese Martial Arts:

You can find information about participation on our registration page and the rest of the website. Below you can find the promotional posters, if you want to share them on your social media.

video’s of previews years.