You can register by filling in the excel form below and email it to This form can be used to register individuals and to register all individuals from a single school. If multiple persons from the same school participate, it is our preference that the school registers all its participants at the same time. Benefits include free coaches and less administration.


SandaHe Yong


First event: 22,50 (1 Taolu or 1 Sanda Fight or Push Hands or Selfdefense) Each extra event: 10 euro. (Except Sanda: Sanda is 15 euro in combination with other events. Exception: If an athlete performs Taolu and Sanda he pays 22,50 for Taolu 1 form and for the Sanda Fight 15 euro.

Taolu = 22, 50 each extra Taolu event is 10 euro per event

Push Hands = 22, 50 as extra event Push Hands is 10 euro

Selfdefense = 22,50 as extra event Selfdefense is 10 euro

Sanda Fight = 22, 50 as extra event a Sanda Fight is 15 euro

Fees must be paid by bank transfer to WAJ Broekhuis, IBAN NL78INGB0101579926. Please mention “TCMA” and the email address you used to send your registration details with, otherwise it may be difficult to match your payment against the registrations.

Registration period is until September 18e 2024.

Terms and Conditions

The organizers cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage to persons or goods. All participation is at your own risk.
On tournaments like this, many people in the public, coaches and participants will be filming or making photos. You are aware that you may end up on social media. Please respect the privacy of others.
The organizers cannot refund registration fees for cancellation or no-show from the participants side. If for any reason on the organizers side (some part of) the tournament is cancelled, all affected participants will receive a full refund of the registration fees for the cancelled part.