Kung Fu forms

We have defined the following categories for Kung Fu forms: Shaolin, and Southern style Kung Fu. Within these main categories you can participate in barehand forms, short weapon forms, long weapon forms and flexible weapon forms.

The maximum time for a form is 2 minutes. Participants walk to the center of the field, greet all the jury members and start the form. Time will start and after 2 minutes have passed, a sound will be played and the participant has 15 seconds to end the form. There is no minimum time requirement.
The dress code is the traditional clothing belonging to the style you are participating in. If
your school has a fitting school uniform, that is acceptable as well.
The following age categories are considered: 9 years and below, 10-12, 13-17, 18-27, 28-39,
40 and up. Participant age is the full age of a person on the date of the tournament. Both
male and female participants participate in the same pools.

Pools may be combined depending on the number of participants in the pools.

If you want to participate please visit our registration page.